A magnificent and wonderful experience!

Feedback zur Tiger- & Wildlife-Fotoreise 2024 in Zentralindien

Going on safari always implies some elements of uncertainty like, for instance, the weather and the wildlife itself.

But this time we hit jackpot! The gods of weather smiled upon us (we only got drenched once) and the animals were present and in abundance. We spent almost 2 weeks visiting 3 national parks/reserves (Tadoba-Andhari, Pench and Bandavgarh) with at least 2 game drives each day. The ecosystems were very diverse, from wetlands to bamboo and hardwood forests. The fauna, ranged from big felines, bears, elephants, buffaloes, deers to an amazing variety of birds. 

Thorge, as always, was the best photo tutor/companion. The logistics of the whole 2 weeks were the responsibility of Wild World India and saying that they were excellent is perhaps a little bit unfair. From the quality of the lodgings to the experience of the drivers/guides there is nothing to fault. A big thank you to Vikram, Abhishek and Rajan. I hope we’ll meet again soon.

All in all, a magnificent and wonderful experience!!

So, grab your long/longer/longest lens and lots (and I mean LOTS) of memory cards and treat yourself to this adventure ‘shooting’ (in the best possible sense) amazing wildlife and scenery.

João Pinheiro
Lisboa, Portugal

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