Feedback zur Myanmar-Fotoreise 2015

I enjoyed the smaller size of the group a lot. We had a great atmosphere and there was lots to learn. Not only from Thorge, but also from the other group members. The differences in experience and professionalism was for me an added benefit and part of the learning – experience. Apart from that I liked the sharing of pictures amongst each other, as it created so many opportunities to learn and put new views immediately into practice. The hotels were super nice and the travel by plane a real time saver. Without exception, all travel arrangements were splendid. Highlights for me include the photography in Bagan, but also the special atmosphere at the different markets in Yangon and Mandalay, especially the Fish Market. The unusual locations of photography are a real highlight. Rooftops, fish markets and temples that were opened up only for us made it a treat to join. Keep those surprises in your trips, Thorge. It makes such a positive difference. I liked each and every minute of it and cannot wait to join another tour with you!”

Rik H. Plompen

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