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About Thorge Berger

Thorge in Bhutan

Thorge Berger in Bhutan – October 2012 (Photo © Wout Kok)















For the past 15 years now, starting out in 2000, I work full time as self employed professional trainer, coach and consultant in the field of personal development (HR), facilitating workshops and seminars with various different topics. Mainly I am coaching executives, and provide consultancy to organizations regarding their further (personal) development.
(My own company which I am running together with my wife Heike is called PE-Support)

And what has this to do with photography?

Not much, you might think. But I see myself not only as a photographer, I also love to share my knowledge, skills and experiences. And this is where it all runs parallel: in both areas, I like to empower people to further develop their skills and to make new experiences!
Actually I’ve been a photographer much longer than I am a trainer, coach and consultant. I received my first Nikon camera at the age of 16 from my father who himself is a traveller and talented photographer. Since that time several Nikon cameras have accompanied me during my many trips …

For a couple of years now this passion of mine is morphing more and more into a profession.

2010 was the first time that I myself participated in a photography expedition. A dream became true when I travelled with the legendary American photographer Steve McCurry in India to a festival called ‘Kumbh Mela’.

This experience was a big step forward for me as a photographer and empowered me to realize my first exhibition „Spannende Begegnungen (Thrilling Encounters)“.

Encouraged by the positive feedback (read some of it here) and the success of the exhibition (most of my photos were sold) I hatched the plan to „make more of my hobby“ …

Since then a lot has happened: I organized further and more exhibitions, my photos became published in magazines, articles featuring my person and my photography were published, I was honored by winning a photography competition, and I was asked to join the jury for a contest.
I also have supported and empowered quite a few photographers in growing their skills in one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops and during photography travel expeditions which I had organized.

Back in 2010 while in India, Steve McCurry said
„Thorge has a real passion for his photography and a tireless curiosity to explore
this amazing world we live in.“

And so it seems. My passion and enthusiasm for photography and travel has even grown further.
You can find  a list of my current photography tour expeditions here.
Please get in touch if you are toying with the idea to join me!

I am looking forward to read / hear from you










Thorge in Bhutan

Thorge in Pobjikha, Bhutan – March 2014 (Photo © Mehran Kadem-Awal)












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