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Photo Workshop “Photographing People” at GRENZGANG Academy

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Photo Workshop “Photographing People” – Tutor: Thorge Berger















Photo Workshop “Photographing People”

Turning the biggest challenge into the greatest delight

Date: Sunday, January 31st 2016 from 10:00 am until 13:30 pm

Location: Studio Dumont – Breite Straße 72 – 50667 Cologne

Tutor: Thorge Berger

Language: The Workshop will be held in German

Admission: € 40,-

Booking: here at GRENZGANG

Herr you can download the event as an iCal file:


Photo Workshop Description:

Photographing people can be a challenge. Some pople don’t feel comfortable being photographed and act superficial, silly or stiff in front of a camera. Or you have very limited time, difficult lighting, unsuiting background … And it also is necessary to overcome our own constraints in photographing people just like that, or in approaching strangers and asking for a session. Thorge Berger loves to photograph people and has been doing so since many years. In this workshop he will explain, illustrated by many examples, his personal approach, how he proceeds, and what one should consider. What are viable and good ways when approaching people? Can you motivate and encourage them, can you photograph them them unobserved? What is important in terms of perspective and composition? Learn when and how to use your flash / speed light, and how you can improve your pictures with post processing.


Content of the Photo Workshop:



Preliminary Considerations


During a photo session




With your participation you’ll receive a bulky handout.


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