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Photography Expedition: Bhutan 2016

Photo Expedition Bhutan 2016

If you are inserted to join or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Basic Facts about the Photography Expedition in BHUTAN – October 2016

Dates: October 07. to 17. 2016 (10 days)

Group Size: max. 10 Photographers!

Cots: USD 3.100 per person (see details below)

Trip Highlights: 

Itinerary Photo Expedition Bhutan

Photography Expedition Bhutan, Suspension Bridge, Travel Photography

Suspension Bridge

07. October: Ankunft in Paro und Fahrt nach Thimphu
On arrival in Paro, Bhutan we’ll be picked-up by our tour agent Tashi. We’ll the drive from Paro to Bhutans Capital Thimphu. On the way we’ll laready stop for photo opportunities. In Thimphu we’ll check-in at our Hotel and have a typical bhutanese lunch. In the afternoon we’ll explore different photo opportunities in and around Thimphu.
Overnight in a Hotel in Thimphu.

08. October:  Thimphu – Phobjikha
After breakfast we’ll start our drive to Phobjikha. On the way we will cross the Dochula Pass (3.400 Meter) and stop there to shoo the beautiful 108 Stupas. More photo stops will interrupt our drive to Gangtey. On arrival we’ll check-in at our hotel and enjoy the sight over this beautiful valley of Phobjikha (2.900 meters above sea level).
Overnight in a Hotel in Gangtey.

Photography Expedition Bhutan, Monastery in Phobjikha, Travel Photography

The Gangtey Gonpa Monastery in Phobjikha

09. October: Phobjikha – Gangtey Tshechu (Festival)
Today we will have a strong focus on the festival which will happen in the monumental Gangtey Gonpa Monastery. We’ll be as much fascinated by the typical masked dancers as from the friendly bhutanese people who come from near and far to join the festival. There will be no shortage of photo opportunities!
Overnight in a Hotel in Gangtey.

10. October: Phobjikha – Wangdue
In the morning we’ll have a second visit of the festival before we drive to Wangdue after lunch.
Overnight in a Hotel in Wangdue.

11. October: Wangdue Tshechu (Festival) – Thimphu
After breakfast we ‘ll discover the festival ground in Wangdue. The character here will be slightly different as the festival does not take take place in a building but in an open are. Here also people come from near and far and there will be many interesting photo opportunities besides the main program. For the butanes the festivals are also a social event where they meet family members and friends to celebrate and to gamble! After lunch we start our drive back to Thimphu. Again we will cross the Dochula Pass with it’s 108 Stupas and of course we’ll have another break to shoot in different light.
Overnight in a Hotel in Thimphu.

Photography Expedition Bhutan, Masked Dancer at the Thimphu Festival Thimphu Festival, Travel Photography

Masked Dancer at the Thimphu Festival

12. October: Thimphu Tshechu (Festival)
Today the focus is entirely on the Thimphu Festival which also is the biggest and most important Tshechu of the country. It happens in front of the impressive Thimphu Dzong so the masked dancers will have a beautiful background! Naturally there will be thousands of people and so there will again be many interesting photo opportunities besides the “main action”.
Overnight in a Hotel in Thimphu.

13. October: Thimphu Festival
This day will also mainly focus on the Thimpu festival.
Overnight in a Hotel in Thimphu.

Photography Expedition Bhutan, School Girl in Bhutan in Bhutan, Travel Photography

School Girl in Bhutan

14. October: Thimphu – Paro
Today we will drive from Thimphu to Paro. But we will also visit a bhutanese primary school for a photo session and stop at some other photo opportunities on the way.
Overnight in a Hotel in Paro.

15. October: Paro
Paro and the surrounding valley will be our focus today. One of the highlights will be the visit of Bhutans oldest temple.
Overnight in a Hotel in Paro.

Photo Expedition Bhutan, Tiger's Nest Monastery, Travel Photography

Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan

16. October: Paro
A highlight which nobody should miss is our goal for today: The “Tiger’s Nest” (Taksang Monastery), the most sacred place in Bhutan. It is spectacularly build on the steep face of a mountain at approx. 3.200 Meter above sea level. Besides the photos you will take it will be an experience you’ll never forget.
Overnight in a Hotel in Paro.

17. October: Ende der Fotoreise
Today ends our common photo adventure in Bhutan. After breakfast we’ll drive to the international airport in Paro and it’s time to say goodbye to this beautiful country and it’s friendly people.


Included in the costs:


Not included in the costs: 


* Should you prefer a single room we can offer this (according to availabilities) for a surcharge of USD 30 / day.

Here you can take a look “behind the scenes” of the last photo expedition we did in Bhutan. It will also give you an idea what is like to do a photo trip with me and Tahsi in Bhutan … To get access to the video you will need a password: “Tashi”

“Happy in Bhutan”

If you are inserted to join or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Bhutan [at] reisefotografie [dot] de

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