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Thorge Berger in “Indian Economy & Market” Magazine

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Thorge Berger in “Indian Economy & Market” Magazine

In May 2016 I travelled to Ujjain, India, to photograph once again a “Kumbh Mela” – the biggest gathering on planet Earth. Another reason for going there was. as mentioned earlier, a preparation for my live presentation which will be held February 19th, 2017 in the “Rautentrauch-Joest Museum” in Cologne, Germany.

One evening, after another very intense day. as we were walking back to our hotel, we met a very kind Indian journalist from Calcutta, Mr. Swapan Banerjee. Just like us, he was there to professionally cover the event. He asked us for some statements, since he was interested to learn how we as non-Indian / European experience this extraordinary event. I was traveling together with some other photographers, and on this particular occasion my highly appreciated colleague Alice Wunderland was present, and both of us were happy to answer Mr. Banerjee’s questions.

Today I received an email from Mr. Banerjee, who kindly forwarded his article which had been published in the “Indian Economy & Market” magazine. And indeed I found Alice’s and my statements word by word printed inside. Reading Mr. Banerjees article brought up many memories (most of them nice), and to me this is just more proof of how enriching encounters, even short ones, during a trip can be – particularly when people take the effort to keep their promise and/or seek contact such as Mr. Banerjee. It is a reminder for me to do the same on my end! And the experience enabled me to swap perspective: this time I am not the writer (and/or photographer) but the quoted ‘eyewitness’ …  😉

Thank you very much again, Mr. Banerjee! I am grateful you took the effort to remember our encounter and to send me your article! I hope we will meet again, may it be in India, Germany or elsewhere …

Here you can read Mr. Banerjee’s article “Movable Feast” about the Kumbh Mela in Ujjain …

Mr. Swapan K. Banerjee is also the author of  two books, available as ebooks on amazon:


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