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Thorge Berger at “FotoTV.”

Thorge Berger bei FotoTV.

Thorge Berger at FotoTV.










Thorge Berger is now a tutor at “FotoTV.”

I just come back from the studio of FotoTV. where we recorded two videos about “Travel Photography”. The ones who do not know “FotoTV.” yet I can highly recommend to check it out! On www.fototv.de you will fin more than 2.000 videos regarding the most different topics of photography!

In Januar 2015 I was shooting in Kerala (South India) together with Marc Ludwig the Managing Director of FotoTV.. We started to record some videos about “Travel Photography” and among other topics we shot at a “Kathakali” Temple Dance Performance. At this occasion we also had the opportunity to document the extensive preparations for the actual dance performance. In the video I explain with this example how one can shoot such a documentary (report), what is essential from my point of view and how I did it. In video you also have the opportunity to sometimes ‘look over my shoulder’ while I am shooting and we show the final photos and explain how these were shot.

Some of the videos still have to be cut and edited. But as soon as they are online at FotoTV. I will write a corresponding post. Anyway it was a lot of fun doing this and I am keen myself to see the final videos! 😉


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