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Photography Expedition to “Ardth Kumbh Mela” Allahabad, India, 2019

Kumbh Mela Nashik / Trimbak 2015, Sadhu, Fotoreise Kumbh Mela mit Thorge Berger

Photography Expedition to  “Ardth Kumbh Mela” Allahabad, India  2019

Early 2019, a so called “Ardth Kumbh Mela” is going to take place in Allahabad, India. The Ardth Kumbh Mela is a smaller version of the big Kumbh Mela, which takes place every 12 years. “Small” in this context still means there will be several million pilgrims and a myriad of Sadhus gathering for the festival!

I recently kicked off plans for a new photography expedition, this time attending Ardth Kumbh in Allahabad with my Indian Partner Niranjan. The group will be limited to maximum 12 participants, and alongside the festival, we will also spent some days in Varanasi, India’s most holy city.

Details for this trip will be revealed in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with me directly, and rather now than later, too, if possible: kumbhmela2019 [at] reisefotografie [dot] de


27. January 2019 – Delhi – Varanasi

28. January 2019 – Varanasi

29. January 2019 – Varanasi

30. January 2019 – Varanasi

31. January 2019 – Varanasi – Allahabad

01. February 2019 – Allahabad (“Kumbh Mela”)

02. February 2019 – Allahabad (“Kumbh Mela”)

03. February 2019 – Allahabad (“Kumbh Mela”)

04. February 2019 – Allahabad (“Kumbh Mela”) – “Mauni Amavasya” (Main Royal Bath – 2nd Shahi Snan) 

05. February 2019 – Allahabad – Varanasi

06. February 2019 – Varanasi – Delhi (End of tour)

On demand it is possible to book an extension to the Taj Mahal in Agra or whatever you like either before the actual tour starts (27.01.) or after the tour has officially ended (06.02.).


3 thoughts on “Photography Expedition to “Ardth Kumbh Mela” Allahabad, India, 2019

  1. Nancy Thomas says:

    I’m interested in the Kumbh Mela trip in 2019

  2. I am also interested. I tried organizing a photo tour in North Carolina and everyone is scared! Are you still going ad do you have aspace for me?

  3. Harry Ogloff says:

    Interested in the 2019 Kumbh Mela tour. Can you send details.


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