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Optimize your Camera Settings for Travel Photography – Tips from Thorge Berger

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New Tutorial at FotoTV: “Optimize your Camera settings for Travel Photography”










New Video-Tutorial at FotoTV: “Optimize your Camera Settings for Travel Photography”

Tips from Thorge Berger

On October 16th 2015, my new video tutorial has been released at FotoTV.
In this feature I explain how I make use of DSLR adjustment options for travel photography  …

  • The “back button focus feature”, and why I love it.
  • How to change between matrix and spot metering by pressing only one button.
  • How to control sharpness instantly on your display.
  • Why (and how) I should configure picture control on my display.
  • How to utilize ‘personal menus’ in a meaningful way.
  • The ‘picture comment’, and how it can support travel photography.
  • How to check instantanously for burnt high lights.
Have fun and valuable insights, and good success with the adjustment of your camera settings!
Here you can watch the video … (at present, this is unfortunately only available in German)

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