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New guest post at Nikonrumors.com: “Travel Photography with a 35mm prime lens”

guest post from Thorge Berger at nikonrumors.com, travel photography with a 35mm prime lens










New guest post at Nikonrumors.com: “Travel Photography with a 35mm prime lens”

Just now Peter has published my new guest post “Travel Photography with a 35mm prime lens” on www.nikonrumors.com! As a “real Nikonian” I am glad that I was able to contribute my second article and many photos on Nikon Rumors! All published photo were shot during the Photography Expedition in Kerala, South India in January 2017.

You can find my second guest post here:


Travel photography with a 35mm prime lens

3 thoughts on “New guest post at Nikonrumors.com: “Travel Photography with a 35mm prime lens”

  1. Dominic says:

    Hi Thorge,

    I just came across your article on shooting with a 35mm on Nikon Rumours and was blown away by the photographs you showed. I haven’t been shooting long (8 months) but consider myself semi-decent at shooting and editing, although nothing like yours. I shoot on a Nikon D750 and a sigma art 35mm which has fantastic colour rendition but after looking at your photos I believe I need to further my editing skills. My question is – do you have any editing tutorials or do you sell your presets online anywhere? I would love to dissect them and learn how to create that magic.

    All the best,


  2. Arnaud Chevalier says:

    Hello Thorge,

    I read your post on Nikon Rumors and most of all saw your beautiful pictures of India: they are perfectly sharp and really breathtaking… What I like the most is their constrast and colours… absolutely wonderful…I then went to your website and have just – again – looked at some of your albums: wonderful too…

    I do a bit of travel photography, but when I see your pictures, I’m thinking that my own photographs are not good at all… (So a little bit discouraged, even though after 10 years of practice…)

    I just wanted to thank you for your magnificent pictures, for your great work, it’s a real pleasure to watch them again and again.

    Keep on doing such a beautiful work!

    Best regards.

    Arnaud Chevalier
    Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

  3. […] am still not entirely there yet to leave all my other lenses at home. Since I wrote the article for Nikonrumors.com and PetaPixel.com I travelled in Iran and there it turned out that my favourite lens was a 16-35mm […]

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