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Mini Feature in the new issue of “Pictures” magazine (09/2016)

Pictures Magazin (09/2016), Feature Thorge Berger, Reisefotografie, Fotoreise AustralienMini feature in the new issue of “Pictures” magazin (09/2016)

Inverted roles …

I just received the new issue of the “Pictures” magazine (09/2016) via snail mail. Included is also a small feature abut me, but with ‘inverted roles’ …

When I was doing my photo trip in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe in I received a request from the editor Jamari Lion who wanted to publish one of my photos from Australia in her magazine. The photo she wanted was a “fisheye-shot” of a Auge fig tree in the Hinterland of Queensland. Unfortunately I didn’t have the shot with me on my laptop with a high enough resolution. And as her deadline was soon to come I suggested a different shot from the same session which I also like a lot and which I had in high resolution with me. But this shot is not one which I had taken it rather shows me. In other words it’s not from me but with me! While I was working on how to get an interesting shot of the fig tree my wife Heike took a picture with her Nikon 1 of me at work. But it’s nit a portrait of me. Heike only used me to show the scale of the giant fig tree. Therefor she placed me as an element on the intersection of the lines in the rule of thirds in her composition.
So the photo actually made it into the magazine! For me it is an interesting Novum being in the ‘inverted role’ and show up as a ‘model’ in a photo magazine as I am usually the photographer! 😉

Congratulations, Heike, to your fist published photo in a professional magazine!

capture a giant fig tree, Thorge Berger at work, travel photography, photo expedition Australia

Thorge Berger at work: trying to capture the giant fig tree in Queensland, Australia


capture a giant fig tree, travel photography, photo expedition Australia

The photo which didn’t make it into the magazine due to pressing deadlines

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