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Grand promotion at FotoTV.de

Tolle Gratis-Aktion bei FotoTV.de










Grand promotion at FotoTV.de

All videos free of charge – for four days!

The guys at FotoTV.de have an awesome promotion running from November 24th until 27th: during this period of time you can watch all their videos free of charge! And they do have more than 2.000 videos, covering almost every aspect of photography! Usually this is a pay-tv program. So don’t miss it! Ah, and by the way – some of the videos feature yours truly 😉

So how does it work?

Just go to the website of FotoTV.de and register for free. Afterwards you will have free access to all videos until November 27.  And, if you are convinced of the value and decide to sign up for a one year subscription during this period of time, you’ll receive a free “Wacom One S” graphics tablet on top!

Here you will find all the details …

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