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Exhibition Recommendation: “MAGNUM – Contact Sheets”

Magnum Contact Sheets

MAGNUM Contact Sheets – Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul












Exhibition Recommendation: “MAGNUM – Contact Sheets”

“To work out a photo …”

Today I was visiting the exhibition “MAGNUM – Contact Sheets” at the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul. I admit that only wanting to visit will probably not justify flying to Istanbul 😉
However, bearing in mind that Istanbul is worth visiting anyway you might consider doing so while the exhibition lasts (2nd of August 2015)!

As the title suggests there are several photos of famous MAGNUM photographers on display. (MAGNUM is probably the most famous Photo Agency by all rights, founded by iconic photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Cappa). But besides the renowned photographs, here you can see the “contact sheets” of the  respective film rolls. Due to its nature these contact sheets are relatively small (I suppose they are in original size). So you have to take a close and thorough look. But that’s definitely worth the effort as it allows us to take a “look behind the scenes” … Now we can see what else these famous photographers have shot besides the one photo we all know. And this often proves amazing!

I was frequently reminded of a meeting I once had with Steve McCurry. It was a so-called portfolio review he did with me in 2010 during a trip in India. He was interested in one of my pictures of a novice monk in Burma and asked me to “Show me the other ones.” What he meant was that he wanted to see my other pictures from that ‘session’. Back then I said “I only have this one.” Steve was ‘shocked’. He said something like “Man, you have shot only one picture!? Are you crazy? You have to work out a photo!”. Then he explained that I should not take just one picture but instead try different compositions, perspectives and frames/crops etc. to eventually get that one photo that nails it. Since then I have taken his feedback very serious and actually some times my best pictures were the ones which I ‘worked out’. But also frequently the first approach is already the best! There are many ‘proofs’ to see at “Contact Sheets” …

The exhibition lasts until 2nd of  August 2015.
If you can’t make it (in time) to Istanbul you might want to consider buying the photo book.

You will find the Museum of Modern Art in the Asian district Karaköy at the shore of the Bosporus river:

Meclis-i Mebusan Cad. Liman İşletmeleri
Sahası Antrepo No: 4
34433 Karaköy/Istanbul
Tel: (+90) 212 334 73 00

Opening Hours 

Tuesday – Sunday 10:00-18:00
Thursday 10:00-20:00

You can find more information about the Museum at Istanbul Modern
and more information on the exhibition at MAGNUM – Contact Sheets

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Thorge & The MAGNUM Contact Sheets

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