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Art Wolfe Retrospective “Earth Is My Witness”

Art Wolfe Retrospective, "Earth is my Witness", Travel Photography, Exhibition Recommendation

Art Wolfe Retrospective – “Earth Is My Witness”













Art Wolfe Retrospective “Earth Is My Witness” in Germany

The world’s first retrospective of this legendary travel and nature photographer will take place in Germany!

Art Wolfe is certainly one of my personal “heroes” in terms of travel and nature photography. Naturally I am more than happy that there will be not just an exhibition but a whole retrospective of his fantastic work on display in Germany!

The start is Municipal Gallery of Iserlohn at February 11th. Over the past years, this gallery repeatedly caught my eye with great exhibitions. On February 12th Art Wolfe will be there in person and will do a presentation (in the evening) at the  Parktheater Iserlohn. The retrospective will be on display in Iserlohn until the 1st of May. His photographs will then move on to Schleswig where another retrospective will start on June 2 (grand opening), and until October 30th at the Municipal Museum as well. Art Wolfe again will be there in person on June 3rd to give a presentation. This time it will be in the  A. P. Møller-Skolen, the Danish Gymnasium (Grammer School)  in Schleswig).

Even though I haven’t seen the exhibition yet (of course),  I’d like to highly recommend it to everyone who is seriously interested in travel photography. Don’t miss it!

Art Wolfe Fotograf, Art Wolfe Retrospektive, "Earth is my Witness - Die Erde ist mein Zeuge", Reisefotografie, Ausstellungsempfehlung

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