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Laax, Switzerland: Inaugural “Discovery Days” will feature, amongst others, Thorge Berger!

Kumbh Mela - Discovery Days Laax - Thorge Berger

Inaugural “Discovery Days” will feature, amongst others, Thorge Berger!

Program announced for new travel themed Festival in Laax (Switzerland)!

In a joint venture, three of the major organizers for adventure, travel and expedition presentations and festivals (Explora Events, Switzerland, Mundologia, Freiburg (Germany), and Grenzgang, Cologne (Germany) have put together a new festival full of presentations, themed DISCOVERY DAYS. The inaugural event will debut over two days, from September 29 until September 30, 2017 in Laax, Switzerland. DISCOVERY DAYS aims to become a platform for (so far unearthed) talent to tell their story. 

For the first round there were 120 applications from which a jury has now selected 17 – to be experienced live this September. The presentations each are timed to roughly 30 minutes and whisk us away to destinations like Siberia, Ireland, Canada, the Himalayan, the North Cape, and Africa. Discovery Days is meant to be a getaway from the daily routine, providing two days that will amaze, amuse and rekindle a sense of wonder. A festival for the dreamer, the maverick, lateral thinker and maker …

I am happy and quite proud to now announce that I am invited to participate as a speaker!

On Saturday, 30 September at 5:50 PM local time I will present a 30 minute version of my earlier presentation “Kumbh Mela – the World’s largest Pilgrimage”.

I feel really honored to have been invited by the selection committee, and I’m looking forward to the festival and all of the presentations of my peers.  I am quite excited to present at Discovery Days! 🙂

Many thanks to the teams of Explora, Mundologia and Grenzgang!

Please find all festival details here …

The presentation will be in German language!

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