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“GRENZGANG-Fotograf 2014” – This time I am in the jury!

Fotoforum Ausgabe 2015/01

Fotoforum Edition 2015/01

I had already chosen which photo I would like to contribute to the annual competition „Grenzgang-Fotograf des Jahres 2014“. But then Martin Breutmann, Editor in Chief of ‘Fotoforum’ asked if I, being the ‘latest winner’ of that competition, would like to join the jury this time!

That sounded exciting to me, so I decided to opt for this new experience …

And that it was: an new and challenging experience! I had no clue how many photos I would have to review and how sophisticated it is to reach a ‘fair rating’!

Beside Martin Breutmann and myself, of course Ramin Houshmand, Managing Director of Grenzgang, was also part of the jury.

Eventually we all voted for Thomas Oser to win the contest with his impressive photo from the Northern Lights in Norway. Congratulations Thomas!

The second winner is Sibylle Bader with her fantastic photo of the glacier Falljökull in Iceland and the third winner is Josef Hinterleitner with a crazy composition of a trout in a mountain lake with an impressive background. So, congratulations to both of you!

The complete results table and many interesting articles and news will be available in the new edition of ‘Fotoforum’ 01/2015.

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