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Exhibition: “Travel Photography – Thrilling Encounters”

Ausstellungs-Flyer "Spannende-Begegnungen"
Flyer for the Exhibition “Spannende-Begegnungen” (Thrilling Encounters)


This exhibition showcases images taken by photographer Thorge Berger in New York, India and Southeast Asia. There will be portraits combined with architecture, colors combined with black and white. The particular combination of photos is aiming to invite the visitor into “thrilling encounters” and start traveling in their own thoughts …

Thorge Berger (* 1966) is an enthusiast photographer who is traveling the world for decades now. At an early stage, he began capturing “thrilling encounters” with his Nikon.

His list of destinations is long. But you will certainly find New York and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos, Myanmar/Burma, Kambodscha and Vietnam) among his favorites.

In March 2010 Thorge Berger traveled to India for the first time. Together with the American photographer Steve McCurry he was shooting at the greatest (religious) gathering, the Hindu festival “Khumb Mela”.

During this trip in particular he had many “thrilling encounters” and thus you also will find photos from India in the exhibition.

“When I travel I am very interested in discovering new places and foreign cultures and especially, in meeting people and portraying them. These (thrilling) encounters make a trip worthwhile for me. And as a photographer I try to capture as much of the ‘magic’ as I can in my pictures.”

The idea for this exhibition was created during an exciting encounter, too: „The Gallery Café ‘Haus Liederkranz’ is my favorite spot in the neighborhood. At some point in time I started chatting with the owners Christian Schmitz and Oliver Strößenreuther and together we developed the idea to create ‘tension’ and excitement by the unusual, unexpected combination of subjects and color vs. black and white.“

The Gallery Café ‘Haus Liederkranz’ is the perfect location for such an idea: here people frequently meet in a relaxed atmosphere and the exhibition might inspire and empower guests and visitors to also have a chat with someone you do not know yet and to talk about new and exciting topics …

The exhibition runs from
October 30th 2010 until Februar 4th 2011

Vernissage: October 30th 2010 at 15:00 h

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