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Exhibition: “BHUTAN – From 7 Perspectives – The Land of the Thunder Dragon”

Ausstellungs-Flyer Bhutan
Flyer for the Exhibition “Bhutan – 7 Blickwinkel im Land des Donnerdrachens”

This exhibition is a collective exhibition of all participating photographers of the BHUTAN-photo-expedition (21.09. – 04.10.2012). A selection of each photographers’ best pictures will be on display.

In September / October 2012 I travelled with 6 fellow photographers to Bhutan to capture the beauty of the culture, the people and the landscapes in this extraordinary Kingdom in the Himalayas. I had been to Bhutan the year before and it literally was love at first sight! Upon returning, I developed the idea to travel to Bhutan again with a bunch of fellow photographers, utilizing our different approaches for mutual inspiration, and – maybe put together a collective exhibition afterwards. I felt that if the photographers in our group themselves had different cultural backgrounds this actually could support the concept.

The people in Bhutan are true believers in Buddhism, and the religious festivals which are usually held in traditional ‘Dzongs’ (monastery castles) are of great importance to them. Many people undertake quite some journey from remote areas to participate in these festivals. It’s about gathering, celebrating, praying and getting blessed. I had scheduled our trip especially so that we could visit three festivals, with great opportunities to take photos of the visitors, their culture and the vivid dancing.

So do not miss out and see the different ways of photographers from different countries capturing images – all stunned by this fascinating Kingdom and its lovely people!

The contributing photographers:

  1. Marcy Cohen – NYC, USA
  2. Suchet Suwanmongkol (“Khunchild”) – Thailand
  3. Teerayut Chaisarn (“Tum”) – Thailand
  4. Reggie (Reg Srichaiyan) – Laos
  5. Wout Kok – Netherlands
  6. Paul Piebinga – Netherlands
  7. Thorge Berger  – Germany

Vernissage on March 9th at 15:00 h
at Gallery Café ‘Haus Liederkranz’, Laurentiusstr. 23, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach

On June 7th we will have a „Finissage“ from 15:00 – 18:00 h

Along with myself, two more contributing photographers will be present:
Paul Pieniga and Wout Kok

The exhibition runs until Jun 7th 2013

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