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Charity Auction “Kunst tut gut” (Art does good)

"Kunst tut gut"

My contribution for  the “Kunst tut gut”- Charity Auction


A great idea …
hasn’t lost it’s fascination in 11 years: once a year artists and potential buyers meet, supported by prominent auctioneers to sell and buy pictures and/or sculptures. A special event in a special location: since 2011 this auction is taking place at famous municipal gallery ‘Villa Zanders’.

Art is good – Art does good:
This popular event is a great opportunitiy, and not only for the local artists – many NGOs in Bergisch Gladbach and/or direct link to the city benefit from the charity concept. The contributing artists donate minimum a half of their revenues for ‘a good cause’. Over the past 10 years approx. 70.000 Euro were donated this way. And the team of „Kunst tut gut“ is looking forward to further doing good deeds.

11th time
The cartoonist and honorary citizen Walter Hanel’s Raven enjoys great popularity beyond the borders of  Bergisch Gladbach. The Hanel-Raven is not only well-known for putting the finger (or rather claw) on current global affairs in daily print media, with a humourous touch but also serves as mascot for the charity auction „Kunst tut gut“, which is for 11 years now a fixed star of the cultural events in Bergisch Gladbach. Walter Hanel as patron and  mentor is still a part of it, as well as many other organizers who were there from Day One, including first deputy mayor Ingrid Koshofer.

This auction is organized by:
Georg Becker, Doro Dietsch, Bruny Fritz, Walter Hanel, Usch Henne, Ingrid und Gert Koshofer, Ingrid Schaeffer-Rahtgens, Maria Schätzmüller-Lukas, Hans-Joachim Tiefenstädter, Sylvia Zanders, Stadt Bergisch Gladbach, Kreissparkasse Köln and many others, volunteers and enthusiasts

Ingrid Koshofer, first deputy mayor of Bergisch Gladbach

I am a contributing artist for the art auction „Kunst tut gut“ on Oktober 10th 2013 at municipal gallery Villa Zanders (in Bergisch Gladbach) with a a portrait from India.

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