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Feedback & Testimonials

Dr. Swapan K. Banerjee, Journalist and author from Calcutta “Dear Mr Berger, Lovely to see how diligently and expertly, with your midas touch, you’re spreading the message of Kumbh Mela, the only one of its kind on earth, all around. You’ve been doing this for so many years now, this divine act of immortalising that which […]

Testimonial and Feedback Photography Expedition, Kerala (Southern India), 2017: Ulrich Wolf Uli had taken part in some of my earlier photo expeditions. Now his third time, as participant in the Kerala-Photo Expedition, Southern India, January 2017, he is providing this feedback … “Kerala now is my third photo expedition, travelling with Thorge. As before, so […]

Participant’s Testimonial Photo Expedition Kerala, South India 2017 – Wolfgang Kürner Wolfgang and his son Max participated in the Kerala photo expedition in January 2017. Here is his feedback … “Kerala – India – a first for us, in all regards. The first experience as part of a travel group, my first trip ever exclusively dedicated to photography, […]

                    Participant’s Testimonial Photo Expedition Myanmar 2015 – Ulrich Wolf For the second time Uli joined has me on a photography expedition. This time it was Myanmar in December 2015. Here is his feedback … “In particular, I liked photographing people in their natural, interesting environments such as […]

Participant’s Testimonial: Rik Plompen – Myanmar Photography Expedition 2015 Rik joined me on the Photography Expedition in Myanmar in December 2015. Here is his feedback … “I enjoyed the smaller size of the group a lot. We had a great atmosphere and there was lots to learn. Not only from Thorge, but also from the other group members. […]

Participants Testimonial Photo Expedition India 2013 – Henry Fuchs Henry joined me on the Photography Expedition to India for the ,Maha Kumbh Mela‘ festival in Allahabad in February 2013. Here is his feedback … “I joined  Thorge 2013 for 10 days during the Kumbh Mela festival in Allahabad. Besides this photo trip being an extraordinary event in itself, it were the many details, ideas for […]

Participants Testimonial Photography Expedition Bhutan 2012 – Paul Piebinga Paul joined me on the Photo Expedition in Bhutan in September/Oktober 2012. Here is some of his feedback … “The Bhutan photography expedition was one of the most profound and well organised trips I’ve done. Thorge assembled a motivated group of photographers, and we travelled through Bhutan on […]

Participants Testimonial Photography Expedition Bhutan 2014 – Patrick Ohler Patrick joined me on the Photography Expedition in Bhutan in March 2014. Here is his feedback … „One definite highlight of the trip was the photo shoot at a primary school! Apart from that I especially enjoyed the intercommunication within the group. Particularly having the opportunity to ‘look […]

“I’ve been loving your pics. The portraits in particular are absolutely incredible.” Matt Dunn, Associate Director KPMG, Australia

Wouah Thorge… Your pictures are AMAZING! We are just looking at them and we are so so so amazed/astonished (I don’t know the word in English). Your pictures could be in a newspaper!!!! You are better and better! Congratulations. It is as we were traveling with you. Céline Gaudier, France

“I am impressed! Your photos are telling stories!! Love every single one though I paused a while with several pics among them ;-)” Yoonjung Lim, South Korea

„Oh my Lord Thorge. What amazing experience you have just given me! Your photos just leave me breathless! Thank you, thank you!“ Deidre Maguire, UK

“Thorge you are becoming a photo-magician the way you master light, color, sharpness, composition and most important the reproduction of the emotion at the moment of shooting. This is TOP quality.” Werner Van Suetendael, Belgium

    „I’ve been to the same places – but I never saw what you make me see! Thank you. Beautiful!“ Claudia Berlinger, Yoga Teacher, Germany

“Excellent shots, my friend. I like all of this selection.” Olivier Borson is a french photographer with whom I travelled twice to the “Kumbh Mela” Festival in India (2010 in Haridwar and 2013 in Allahabad)

„Thorge has a real passion for his photography and a tireless curiosity to explore this amazing world we live in.“ Steve McCurry, USA Steve ist der legendäre Fotograf, der eines der bekanntesten Fotos unserer Zeit aufgenommen hat: “Das Afghanische Mädchen”, das auch Titelbild bei National Geographic war.

Participants Testimonial Photography Expedition Bhutan 2014 – Marcy Cohen Marcy joined me on the Photo Expeditions to Bhutan (2012), India (2013) and Bhutan again in March 2014. Here is her feedback … „What I liked in particular … The easy going nature of group with serious photographic focus, an excellent planning and a well thought out […]

Participants Testimonial Photography Expedition Bhutan 2012 – Wout Kok Wout joined me on the Photo Expedition to Bhutan in September/Oktober 2012. Here is his feedback … „Dear Thorge, Although it’s already way back in my memory, I still want to thank you for the effort to make the trip to Buthan an unforgettable success. I really enjoyed […]

Participants Testimonial Photography Expedition Bhutan 2012 and India 2013 – Marcy Cohen Marcy Cohen joined me on the Photo Expedition to Bhutan in September/Oktober 2012 and the Photo Expedition to the “Maha Kumbh Mela” in India in Februr 2013. Here is her feedback … “I had the pleasure of photographing with Thorge at the Kumbh Mela  […]