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New article by Thorge Berger in Fotoforum Magazine (Issue 05/2016)

fotoforum magazine issue 5/2016,

New article by Thorge Berger in Fotoforum Magazine (Issue 05/2016)

“How to best shoot Landscape and Wildlife footage while traveling”

The recent issue of Fotoforum magazine has made it this weekend to subscribers’ mailboxes. Inside, you will also find the third part of my “Travel Photography” series. This time, spread over six pages, I share all my experience in how to best shoot landscape and wildlife footage while traveling.  The magazine will be sale from August 26 onwards.



 Further content

With his cover story “Göttliche Projektionen” (“Projections of the Divine”), photographer Ernst Christen shows us the interior of churches from an unusual perspective. His spherical panoramic views bring beauty, silence and artistic power in an entire new way. Young  nature photographer Hermann Hirsch proves yet another talent by handling portrait and wedding photography with his road-testing of mobile speedlights B1 and B2 from Profoto. In addition, Fotoforum had the honor to interview Guido Mangold who, with his portraits and reportages, doubtlessly has made history in the field of German photography.

Enjoy reading the new Fotoforum! 🙂

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