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Travel photography workshops with Thorge Berger

Reisefotografie-Workshops mit Thorge Berger, GRENZGANG Fotoakademie, Kölner Fotoschule Kompakt-Kurs












Travel photography workshops with Thorge Berger

New travel photography workshops as joint venture of GRENZGANG and Kölner Fotoschule

In the upcoming year (2017) I will lead two travel photography workshops which are facilitated as a joint venture of GRENZGANG and Kölner Fotoschule (Photography School Cologne). Kick off time is 17:00 on day one of the workshop series, and we will focus for 2 hours on theory, regarding questions and aspects of travel photography. However, this theoretical approach will have a high relevance in terms of actually doing photography. It is also a preparation for the day two where we will go shooting together in the morning and apply what we discussed the day before. For the afternoon, we will head back to the facilities of Kölner Fotoschule to review our photos, give and receive feedback, and discuss post-processing. Last but not least, we will answer all open questions before concluding the workshop.

Information regarding the travel photography workshops

Ticket information and further details can be found on the website of GRENZGANG …


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