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Second Workshop, this time “Photographing People” – Second Success!

Photo Workshop 'People Photography'., Grenzgang Photo Academy, Thorge Berger, Travel Photography

Final preparations – struggling with technological hurdles …










Photo Workshop “Photographing People” marking success number two, at GRENZGANG Photo Academy! 🙂

On January 31st I held my second photo workshop for GRENZGANG photo academy. This time the topic was ‘People Photography’ and 45 participants joined me for this 4-hour workshop. In contrast to my first photo workshop ‘Travel Photography’ in November 2015, this time I also included a little ‘live-shooting’ and a short ‘live-editing’ in Lightroom. For the live-shooting Nayomi Fernandes was so kind to pose as model, and via USB cable and ‘tethering’ it was possible to bring the photos straight from the camera to my laptop and from there on to the beamer/screen. (For those of you who are interested in the technical details, I made a few notes at the end of this post).

Again I had great fun in sharing my knowledge and my experiences and demonstrating some of it live. I also had put a lot of effort in creating the hand-out for the workshop which actually has morphed into a little book / e-book …

Thank you!

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all participants who have joined me (on a Sunday morning!), to GRENZGANG for giving me the opportunity to do this, and to Nayomi for helping me out by being a model!

I am already looking forward to the next photo workshop which actually still needs to be scheduled … 😉
Maybe you would like to join me next time – when we have scheduled the date. I would be delighted!


Tethered-Shooting with Nikon and Lightroom on the Mac – Obstacles and Workarounds

Ever since the last Apple OS update to El Captain, tethered-shooting with Nikon cameras and Lightroom (6 / CC) is not possible anymore! Allegedly they are working on a solution. Because I couldn’t wait for that, I went for tethering via Apple’s previous pro photo software “Aperture”. (Unfortunately, Apple decided to not continue the development of Aperture any longer). But since I wanted to show the editing of the pictures in Lightroom, I used a Lightroom feature called “Auto-import”. (You can find this in the “File” menu). Here you can define a particular folder in the “Settings” menu from which Lightroom will auto-import all new photos. This actually works quiet well. In Aperture on the other hand you can define where the files from your tethered-shooting will be saved. So, the moment I pressed the shutter icon my Nikon D4s the file was transferred to my laptop via USB cable, read by Aperture and saved in a particular folder. The next moment Lightroom realized that there is a new photo in this folder and auto-imported it. This certainly wasn’t the fastest and most elegant solution – but it worked! 😉 And it gave us the opportunity to seamlessly continue with the editing in Lightroom after shooting while the participants were able to see what I was doing at all times.

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