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Thorge Berger now author for Fotoforum Magazine Feature on Travel Photography, Issue No. 3 / 2016 I highly anticipated this recent issue of the Fotoforum Magazine (03/2016). And eventually, it arrived via snail mail today. The reason why I had been so very keen? I wanted to have a look at my first ever contribution printed in the magazine. It […]

My first article as an author for travel photography has been published in the “Fotoespresso” 2016-01

                  Photo Workshop “Photographing People” marking success number two, at GRENZGANG Photo Academy! 🙂 On January 31st I held my second photo workshop for GRENZGANG photo academy. This time the topic was ‘People Photography’ and 45 participants joined me for this 4-hour workshop. In contrast to my first photo […]

                        Art Wolfe Retrospective “Earth Is My Witness” in Germany The world’s first retrospective of this legendary travel and nature photographer will take place in Germany! Art Wolfe is certainly one of my personal “heroes” in terms of travel and nature photography. Naturally I am more than happy that […]

                    Photo Seminar “Travel Photography” at GRENZGANG Photo Academy was a Success! November 8th 2015,  I debuted as tutor at the GRENZGANG Photo Academy in Cologne, presenting my photo seminar “Travel Photography”. 54 participants showed up – and stayed, for 4 hours! In the end, there even was some […]

                    Thorge Berger now is a “FotoTV.-Star”! I recently was named “FotoTV.-Star” at FotoTV.de: “Reisefotograf und -coach Thorge Berger ist in der Welt zu Hause. Auf Fotoreisen teilt er seine Erfahrungen und fördert gleichgesinnte Fotografen. …” (“Travel photographer and coach Thorge Berger is at home throughout the world. While on photography […]

                  New Video-Tutorial at FotoTV: “Optimize your Camera Settings for Travel Photography” Tips from Thorge Berger On October 16th 2015, my new video tutorial has been released at FotoTV. In this feature I explain how I make use of DSLR adjustment options for travel photography  … The “back button focus feature”, and why I love […]

        Thorge Berger as expert in the studio of WDR5 show “LebensArt” On October 14th 2015 I will be a studio guest at the WDR5 show “LebensArt”. The topic will be “How to deal with your holiday pictures” and I will be present as an expert for travel photography. The show will be aired from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. […]

                  New Video-Tutorial at FotoTV.: “Be well prepared with Thorge Berger” Plan your Travel Photography with a Mindmap Yesterday (23.09.2015), a new video tutorial was published at FotoTV. In this tutorial I am introducing my ‘favorite planning tool’ – my secret weapon if you want – to prepare a photo expedition … How can I make sure […]

  “The Salt of the Earth” A movie by Wim Wenders about Sebastião Salgado When I first heard that Wim Wenders would do a documentary movie about Sebastião Salgado I felt ambiguous. On the one hand I was keen to see a movie about this extraordinary photographer. On the other hand I was skeptical if […]

Parents and their Children „The depth of the love of parents for their children cannot be measured. It is like no other relationship.“ – James E. Faust I believe that this very special relationship between parents and their children is visible frequently. Sometimes it can give you fantastic opportunities for double portraits. For that reason I like to […]

                First Video on FotoTV. is online: “Travel Photographer Thorge Berger demonstrates the photo equipment he uses on a photo trip to India” Yesterday (04.08.) the first video with me (Thorge Berger) as one of  the contributing photographers at FotoTV. went online. It is a so-called “equipment movie”. For most people […]

“Hands are telling stories …” – A photographic love affair I love portraying people. But what also intrigued me ever since I started were their hands! There’s a reason why we say „Hands are telling stories …“ And indeed I strongly believe that you not only can ‘read’ a lot in the face of someone but also when you take […]

                            Photo Workshop “Photographing People” Turning the biggest challenge into the greatest delight Date: Sunday, January 31st 2016 from 10:00 am until 13:30 pm Location: Studio Dumont – Breite Straße 72 – 50667 Cologne Tutor: Thorge Berger Language: The Workshop will be held in German Admission: […]

                          ATTENTION! This photo workshop is almost sold out! Photo Workshop “Travel Photography” with Thorge Berger at the GRENZGANG Photo Academy Plan, experience, enthuse! When: Sunday, November 8th 2015 from 10:00 am until 13:30 pm Where: Studio Dumont – Breite Straße 72 – 50667 Köln Tutor: Thorge Berger Language: […]

                        Thorge Berger is a tutor for photography workshops at the GRENZGANG Academy From November 2015 onwards I will be working as a tutor for the GRENZGANG Photography Academy. The first workshop will be held on Sunday, November 8th 2015 and will focus on “Travel Photography”. The event will start at 10:00 […]

                      My photo of  a “Little Omani” has made it to No. 4 in the Photo Contest “Traum und Abenteuer” (Dream & Adventure) As I learned last week one of  my works reached number four in the  photo contest “Traum & Abenteuer” (Dream & Adventure) rankings, sub […]

                      Exhibition Recommendation: “MAGNUM – Contact Sheets” “To work out a photo …” Today I was visiting the exhibition “MAGNUM – Contact Sheets” at the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul. I admit that only wanting to visit will probably not justify flying to Istanbul 😉 However, bearing in mind […]

                                Recommended Exhibition: “From Bhutan to Burma” by Patrick Ohler My good friend and photo buddy Patrick Ohler is organizing his first exhibition. And it doesn’t come too soon, that’s for sure! 😉 Patrick is a great photographer, and, for the first time, 12 […]

Exhibition Recommendation: “Augen auf!” (Open your Eyes!) 100 Years of Leica Photography Until May 31st the exhibition “AUGEN AUF! – 100 Jahre Leica Fotografie” (Open your Eyes! – 100 Years of Leica Photography) will be on display at the  “Fotografie Forum” Frankfurt. Actually the exhibition is way more extensive than I would have expected and it includes […]

                  Thorge Berger is now a tutor at “FotoTV.” I just come back from the studio of FotoTV. where we recorded two videos about “Travel Photography”. The ones who do not know “FotoTV.” yet I can highly recommend to check it out! On www.fototv.de you will fin more than 2.000 videos regarding the most different […]

Exhibition Recommendation: “Gesichter” (Faces) from Ulrich Wolf My friend and fellow photographer Ulrich Wolf has a new exhibition. Under the title “Gesichter” (faces) some of his wonderful portraits will be on display at the Café Einhorn (Duisburger Str. 127 – 45479 Mülheim a.d. Ruhr). The exhibition lasts from April 14th until May 31st. Uli joined me during our photography expedition to […]

  The WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2015 Exhibition is coming to Dortmund From May 30th until June 21st 2015 the World Press Photo 2015 Exhibition will be guest in the Depot.Kulturort Dortmund. I myself have seen the WPP Exhibition 2014 in Sydney and I was very impressed. Therefore I think it will be worthwhile to check out the new one in Dortmund as well! I will certainly […]

On April 30th the documentary „Faith Connections“ from the indian producer Pan Nalin started to be shown in German cinemas. The movie is about the biggest (spiritual) gathering of human beings on earth: the “Maha Kumbh Mela”. This festival is held in India only every 12 years and the movie was shot during the event […]